Struggling to answer the most basic questions?

Our Marketing Pro, April, is challenged by siloed data and the lack of critical customer insights to drive her business.

"Big Data" can be overwhelming. Focus on what matters.

Personas, Customer Journey, Attribution and Engagement - These are the things your data should be telling you. Industrial Wisdom simplifies the creation of these, and other, essential metrics so marketing, sales, and finance can drive better customer experiences.

Essential customer insight metrics
in an easy to use dashboard

"Industrial Wisdom has been a great partner in helping us turn the years of separate ticketing, academy, online, and offline marketing data into insights about our audience that we have not had the time or deep data science expertise to do ourselves. Their approach works great for an organization like ours that needs an integrated view of our different audiences so we can understand how ticket sales, donations, retail sales, and academy participation affect our customers' long-term relationship with the Ballet."

- Taylor Clark, Colorado Ballet


Identify different types of customers based on behavioral and demographic attributes

Customer Value

Provide insight into the value of different types of customers and how to increase profitability

Customer Journey

Clear visualizations and explanations of most common customer journeys and timelines to purchase

Custom Metrics

Don't see what you need? We regularly create custom metrics for specific needs


Know how channels drive awareness, consideration, and purchase -- and value them accurately

Visitor Engagement Scoring

Tie marketing spend to important points in the customer lifecycle

Predicted Activity

Anticipate customer needs before they arise and know what to do next

Social Analytics

Vizualize the conversations that are important to your customers and how to engage